Plenty of historic and more recent photographs adorn the book, taking the reader on a visual nostalgia trip.The sheer unmitigated joy of Test match cricket was never better exemplified than by these lines from a famous calypso, which the uninhibited West Indians joyously sang when they soundly thrashed England in the second Test at Lordrsquo;s in 1950, with the unlikely help of two spin bowling heroes. Each of the 28 Tests covered is a tale of valour and heroism mdash; win, lose or lotion pump Suppliers draw.Which is why the refreshing book writing forays of S. In extenuation, I must say the authors have achieved that in their introduction to each of the eras, against a canvas of the prevailing political and socio-economic background, which provides the raison drsquo;etre for what follows. What is a discussion on matters cricketing without a disagreement or three? Personally, I would have preferred a more stark and dramatic cover, with just the title leaping out at you, rather than the clicheacute;d visual of jingoistic, flag-waving celebrations of Indian cricket fans, and a puzzling (and puzzled) elephant on the back cover, though there is an answering story behind it. They are both academics by profession and ardent lovers of cricket at heart. At times the detailed descriptions of the matchesrsquo; progress tend to read like a daily newspaper report, which can get a tad tedious. Mohan, Dileep Premachandran, Ramachandra Guha, Sachin Tendulkar, Rahul Dravid, V. Raghunath need to be commended

This was a book waiting to be written.Suresh Subrahmanyan is a brand consultant who loves music, cricket perfume pump Suppliers and good humour.After all was said and doneSecond Test and West Indies wonWith those two little pals of mineRamadhin and Valentinemdash; Lord BeginnerOur two pals Giridhar and Raghunath may or may not have scored a home run (if yoursquo;ll pardon the mixed sporting metaphor) with their latest effort, but we Test cricket lovers owe them a debt of gratitude for their timely literary effort. After all, the likes of John Woodcock, Jack Fingleton, Peter Roebuck, Tony Cozier, Harsha Bhogle, R. The genre, in terms of authors, is understandably dominated by former cricketers, reputed commentators and sports writers leaving little room for a true amateur lover of the game, combining passion and love of writing, to make a mark. The structure of the book, for a start: 28 Test matches, chronologically broken up into eras, have been subjectively selected by the authors as their choice for the finest games in the noble and long version, featuring India. Biographies, autobiographies, reminiscences, recollections and many more subjects fill the shelves of bookshops and online stores.In sum, one cannot praise too highly the authorsrsquo; commitment to presenting a volume, structured and ideated in a compelling and unique manner, and providing Indian Test match cricket with the exalted status it so richly deserves.Their first book, Mid-Wicket Tales: From Trumper to Tendulkar, released a couple of years ago, was warmly received by critics and cricket aficionados alike.S Laxman, Michael Hussey, Matthew Hayden and several other luminaries have graced the pages of this book. Marshrsquo;s stumps were uprooted by a sharp, low leg-cutter while Lillee was bowled by another accurate ball that swung into him in the air", or "The Lankans got off to a poor start losing Michael Vandort in Zaheer Khanrsquo;s first over to a sharp low catch by Dravid at third slip", are pedestrian to plough through in the midst of otherwise such silken prose. Their latest offering, From Mumbai to Durban: Indiarsquo;s Greatest Tests, lavishly produced and published by Juggernaut, is a wonderful sequel with a great deal going for it.Books on sports, and cricket in particular, are a dime a dozen. J.

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